So this happened today

a coworker’s birthday party a few weeks back

a coworker’s birthday party a few weeks back




Let me try again


Das’ better

Miss you.

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We’re on our laptops beside each other, both browsing tumblr

Some things will never change, no matter the distance. :P



She’s here

I promise we tried to update pictures earlier
It just didn’t work.
But she’s here. And everything is amazing

(Also, we just went on a bike ride and thats why we look haggard)


In twelve hours, her plane will have touched down in my hometown

I’ll wait impatiently at the gates.
Sweating from nerves.

It still hasn’t really hit me yet
that we will no longer be in a long distance relationship
that we will be in a “normal” relationship
and get to enjoy all the “normal” things “normal” couples enjoy.
Date nights, waking up together, video games, movies, cartoon marathons
and things we enjoy
like recording music, drawing together, creating.

In half a day, I’ll be by her side
holding her hand, waiting for her luggage on the conveyor
I don’t think I’ll ever let go.


I’ll already never see her online again.
She’s been too busy.
The thought kind of scares me.
I’ll never be alone in my room again.
My bed won’t be just my bed.
But tonight she’ll be here.
And I will hold her, and protect her.
And give her everything she could ever need.


She’s here in two days

Made room for her in my life.
Cleaned out half the closet.
Made room for her clothes in the dresser.
It’s weird, looking at what was once my entire space
now condensed. Waiting to be filled.
If it were a different circumstance, it might be gradual. If she lived here, she might slowly bring her things over.
But she doesn’t. She still lives two thousand six hundred and fourty two miles away.
So it will be like an avalanche. Nothing, to absolutely everything.
It’s kind of weird to think that from now on I won’t be alone.
Right now, this distsance has left us as loners. Sitting on our computers at night.
But soon we’ll be together. Actually forever.
It’s a huge commitment. I actually got butterflies realising this at work the other day.
Will I still go on tumblr when she’s here? When I have claimed victory over the distance?
Will people still follow our blog when we’re not a long distance relationship?
We’ll still update it.
We’ll probably update it more.
With us doing things together.
Drawing. Creating. Writing music. Doing covers of songs. Going on adventures. Taking pictures.

We’ve been together 10 months, long distance.
But have only actually spent nine days physically together.
We aren’t going to have to say goodbye anymore.
I’m so excited not to have to let her go anymore.

It’s going to be weird, when I say “See you soon” as I’m heading home from work, it won’t mean “I’ll get on skype when I get there”
When I can push open my door and see her smiling at me, wrap my arms around her and kiss her beautiful face as she welcomes me home.
It’s going to be weird. But in the best way possible.
That’s her, really. Weird. In the best way possible.

Sixty three hours til she touches down in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Sixty three hours til I can welcome her home.


This time next week, she’ll be on a plane on her way here

With her life packed away in her suitcases.
She’ll spend all day travelling, and touchdown just before midnight, pacific coastal time.
Her new time.
In her new home.
No more goodbyes,
No more “see you in a few months”
No more counting down until we can hold each other again.
Next week, we’ll have beaten the distance.
Next week, our life can begin


In two weeks from ten minutes ago, she’ll be off the plane and here for good

Two thousand six hundred and fourty two miles were nothing.
Three hour time-zone difference was nothing.
Waiting months to see each other was nothing.
She’s my everything